My new nickname!

2017-08-05 04:36:43 by Dowon

The name I use here is my real name.
I think I need my own nickname.
So I built it. 'Vaze'
..What do you think?


But I could not change the nickname on Newgrounds.

Anyway, now my nickname is 'Vaze'!



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2017-08-05 08:35:27

Whoo, not bad!

Dowon responds:

이거.. 닉네임 한번 정하는 데만 엄청나게 고민했어요.
막 이런거 보면은 쉽게 팍팍 정하시는 분들 되게 부러워요ㅠㅜ
(뉴그에서 오랜만에 쓰는 한국어에 흥분)


2017-08-06 11:55:36

If you become a Supporter, you do have access to changing your username. :)

Dowon responds:

....understand T.T