Coming soon

2017-10-22 08:41:41 by Dowon


More than 4 minutes.


Youtube channel open :)

2017-10-10 07:01:21 by Dowon

My youtube channel!!

Please subscribe me!



This is my request.
Please use my song for GD!
I am very pleased to receive the acceptance of Robtop and wish you to use the song.

When I try to use my song in GD,
I am notified that the song is not allowed for use.
I also checked the external API. Why do this?


2017-09-02 01:50:51 by Dowon

Personally, I do not like Vaze a bit.
So I'm thinking of Snikio.
Five letters are good ......
Five letters If anything .. Vanze? Uh, no.


2017-08-09 08:38:56 by Dowon


My new nickname!

2017-08-05 04:36:43 by Dowon

The name I use here is my real name.
I think I need my own nickname.
So I built it. 'Vaze'
..What do you think?


But I could not change the nickname on Newgrounds.

Anyway, now my nickname is 'Vaze'!


I use FL studio.
Most of you would have known, but I just wanted to write this. > <
These features are really good.